Oshosi Gets His Crown

Oil on Belgian Linen, 23" x 16"

Upon request by Eleggua the trickster god, Oshosi the hunter caught a rare bird to present to Olodumare. He groomed it and left it in a cage, and went about his day. Oshosi’s mother thought the bird was meant for dinner and killed it.

The hunter, not knowing who slaughtered his gift to Olodumare, requested from the Supreme Being that the killer be brought to justice. He asked for his arrow to pierce the heart of this person. Olodumare granted his wish. Oshosi shot his arrow into the air, and it found its target in his mother’s heart. Olodumare asked if Oshosi wanted to take back his wish. Even though it was his own mother, Oshosi declined. That was the moment that Olodumare realized Oshosi would stand for justice in every situation, and crowned him the orisha of judgment, justice and truth. The tragic orisha legend may be compared to the Greek myth of King Oedipus, and his killing one of his parents. Rosales presents Oshosi’s resolute demeanor in serving justice, despite the outcome.


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