Oil and linen on wood panel 48" x 36"

The term Orí in Yoruba religion, meaning “head”, refers to one’s inner essence, intuition, and destiny. This painting represents one’s mind, the voice in oneself, the thing that will help one complete her/his/their destiny. It is the most powerful god. An Orí with the perfect balance of nutrients and light will survive and blossom, as seen in the abundance of florals, such as roses, peonies, tulips, violets, lilies—flowers that generally bloom during different seasons. The trompe-l’oeil effect of the insects, blooms, and interlocked golden rings make it that much easier to visualize oneself in perfect balance. To ensure this ideal environment for the Orí, however, one must be wary of manipulation, symbolized by the invasive strangler figs weaving their branches just outside of the circular form.


Garden of Eve
Master Narrative