Oil on Wood Panel with 24k Gold, 36" x 26"

With deep scarring on her back—symbolizing the horrific lashes inflicted upon her and her descendants—the figure of Eve stands in the position of survivor. In this painting, Rosales merges Lucumí and Christianity visual motifs. The wounds of slavery, evident in the punishment endured by Eve and her descendants, connects to the stigmata of Christ. Eve raises her hand in a gesture of benediction, a sign of blessing, or healing. The painting is further imbued with the history of America as it draws from the photograph of Sergeant Peter, a man who escaped slavery and joined the Union in 1863, his scarred back evidence of the violence he suffered. Eve and her descendants—our ancestors—sacrificed for us, endured the pain for us, wore the scars for us. With Stigmata we are encouraged to remember and heal.


Garden of Eve
Miss Education: Reclaiming Our Identity